About our Leadership


Daniel Rogers - Lead Pastor,  Grace Community
Daniel and Rachael, and their two girls Melody and Maelyn came to LGC Naz in July of 2019 and share a vision of reaching J-Town, Houston Acres, and Greater Louisville in new and creative ways in the years ahead.  Both Rachael and Daniel have a passion for worship leadership, as well and music is an integral part of their ministry.  Outside of the church, you'll find Daniel playing or watching hockey or jogging around the neighborhood.  You may also catch him getting caffeinated at Heine Bros.
E-mail: PastorDan@LGCNaz.com             Facebook ID: Music4Christ85
Alli Thompson - Children & Family Pastor, Grace Community

Alli grew up in a small town in Ohio. She and her husband, Dave, have 6 children; Katlyn, Kaden, Carter, Christian, Camron and Karli. Alli and her family share a passion for serving the church. If there is a project to be done, you will find her and Dave happily working on it together even if it requires all hours of the night!   Alli is a graduate of Kent State with a Degree in Nursing. She is currently working towards Ordination in the CMP Program of Mount Vernon Nazarene College.

E-mail: PastorDan@LGCNaz.com             Facebook ID: Music4Christ85
Juan &  Ana Ramirez - Pastors,  Comunidad de Gracia
Juan and Ana are passionate servants of Jesus and shepherd a very tight-knit community of Hispanic worshippers that meets on Sunday evenings, not only for worship service but almost every week for breaking bread with one another.  The warmth of their leadership is apparent, and quite often you will find Ana going above and beyond to include you in their fellowship and meal time,  whether or not you're part of the 'official'  Comunidad de  Gracia membership.
Church Leadership Board
Grace Community  is grateful for our servant leaders who are so wonderfully active in all aspects of worship, prayer, and God-led decision making.  Serving  through April 2020 is our board as pictured (Left to Right):
Mike Baugher (Church Treasurer), Mary B Griffith, Bruce  Graham,
John Riddle, Tara Graham (Nazarene Missions International Chair),
Steve Levsey (Board Secretary), Jack Hopkins (Sunday School/Discipleship Chair), Larry Smith