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A Community of Grace

What makes Louisville Grace Community a great place to worship and grow in faith in Jesus Christ?  We know we're not here to impress anyone with smoke, lights, or a cutting edge worship experience - but we are a community passionate about worship!  We don't have our own Starbucks in the church lobby - but we do love breaking bread with one another and sharing our experiences over shared meals...and yes, often over coffee!  Our teachings aren't defined by the latest trends - but contemporary issues are constantly (and lovingly) at the forefront of our teaching, preaching, and study.

What we are is a group of people passionately seeking out how to live the entire truth of the Good News of the Gospel with the same heart of Jesus, who approached a broken world with God's Truth covered in God's Grace.

We believe in salvation made available for all through Christ Jesus.  We believe in a life of victory over sin, life abundant in the joy and peace of Christ, and a mission of reconciliation and restoration for our neighbors and surrounding community. 

We are Grace Community.  We are a community of worship.  Hope.  Purpose.  A community of Grace.

Find us  in person, or get the latest info on social media!

Louisville Grace Community

Church of the Nazarene

4308 Taylorsville Road

Louisville, KY  40220

(502) 459-0142

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