First  Time at Grace Community?


Hey - we know visiting a new church can be a stressful experience!     With that in mind, we want to help put you at ease well before you step through the doors for the first time.  Here are some answers to common questions many have about coming to a new church:
What should I Wear?
We're a  "come as you are" church.    Come casual.  Come dressed in your Sunday best.  Our people do both all the time, and anywhere in between!  (our pastor included)  All we ask is that you wear clothes :)
Are they going to single me out as a first time guest?
Nope.  Our regulars may greet you with a warm handshake and  help you find where you're going, though.
What is a normal weekly service like?
Though that's hard to answer quickly, you can watch and observe  one of our services online here.  We're a multi-generational congregation, and our worship styles, teaching, and preaching reflect that.    A little of the old, a little of the new. 
What options are there for families/parents with children?
We invite all generations to worship with us in our weekly worship service  but   we do also have childcare    services available  during  service  for   parents of young children as an available option.  In August 2020, we also welcomed Pastor Alli to the  team, and she is working  tirelessly to create a worship and learning environment that is engaging and safe for kids of all ages.  Stay tuned!
I have other questions!
We have other answers!  Just e-mail pastor Dan at PastorDan@lgcnaz.com, and were happy to fill you in!