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Following an unprecedented two months of closing the doors of the church building to in-person gatherings, restrictions on worship are being slowly lifted, and we are preparing to gather together once again in the house of the Lord.  Praise God!  Please keep in mind, though the pandemic has not hit Kentucky as hard as many other more populated states, no groups are completely ‘out of the woods’ and we are taking steps to ensure that we are responsibly managing our return to public gathering. 

For the short term, we are taking the following steps and asking for your cooperation in following them with us both as a precautionary measure against potential transmission of disease to our most vulnerable, and perhaps just as importantly, as a way of tangibly expressing kindness, concern, and deference to your neighbor to set their minds at ease.

Beginning May 24, through an indeterminate date, we will be making the following adjustments to our normal Sunday and Wednesday worship routines and arrangements:

  • Every other pew will be blocked off, and seating on open pews will be marked as to where one individual, couple, or family unit may sit together

  • Masks and face coverings will be HIGHLY encouraged.  Though we will not escort anyone out who chooses not to cover their face, we ask that everyone please comply with this directive as an act of love for your neighbor.

  • No handshakes and/or hugs – though greetings, waves, and nods from an appropriate distance (6 feet or more) are certainly allowed

  • Praise & Worship will be moved to the end of service, to lessen recirculated ‘sung’ air

  • The front foyer will be closed to social gathering – parking lot is fine if you maintain other conventions of social distancing

  • Sunday school, discipleship, and Sunday evening gatherings will not yet resume

  • The sanctuary and worship areas will be thoroughly sanitized between service

As we follow these temporary guidelines, they will continue to become less restrictive as the weeks roll along.  We'll continue to keep this information updated as restrictions are loosened in the weeks and months ahead.  In the meantime, THANK YOU in advance for your prayers and support!

-Pastor Daniel


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